Okay.  So today was the first day of school.  I don’t have much to say, but I know that if I don’t write about something, I won’t get into the habit and this whole blogging thing will die a painful death.

I used a foldable to help me get to know my kids better…just a simple “triple flap” fold (how’s that for a technical term) asking them to leave a comment or ask a question about class.  Some kids just really don’t care if they hurt your feelings or not…And some of them act like no teacher has ever offered to help them when they struggle.  I know that isn’t the case, but how to make them understand that they have to put forth some effort too?  I think one student called me a “7th grade math teacher” (all my kids are juniors or seniors).  Ah well, tomorrow is a new day, and we get to try all over again.  Maybe I made sense to at least a few of them.