With school in full swing, I haven’t had much time to think about a #made4math entry, but I wanted to make some sort of contribution since I sat out last week.  I shared this with a couple of folks on Twitter and it seemed like it might be helpful to anyone trying to use Interactive Notebooks in class.  Since they liked it, I thought I’d share it here.

One of my biggest struggles with INB’s is making sure I have something for the LHP (apparently I’m not alone in this) and I came across this list of journal stems from a conference I went to or a meeting I sat through.  I really don’t know where it came from…

Anyway, I came across some full size (8.5×11) labels (probably manufactured by Avery) and have decided they may be the best thing ever created for INB’s…I made the list of journal promps fit 3 to a page, ran the labels through the copier, and cut into thirds.  Students were able to adhere these directly into the front cover of their notebooks, no gluing, trimming, taping, or stapling.  Maybe not the cheapest method–I’m not sure how much the label sheets are–but for one or two important items I think its worth it.

Here’s the list of stems:  Thinking Log stems