For the new blogger initiation this week, I selected this prompt:

one worksheet or activity or test or unit or question or powerpoint
slide or syllabus or anything that you are proud of. Share it.

Since a lot most almost everything I use has been stolen from somewhere, this was actually a difficult prompt to respond to.  I don’t have any killer worksheets I’m especially fond of, and the powerpoints I have seem incredibly outdated.  I love activities, but again, they are not my own intellectual property.  As I looked through all of my files, I did finally come across an original.  A couple of years ago, my school pushed differentiated instruction.  A collegue and I worked together and developed this RAFT for the systems of equations unit.  I have used it three or four times in class and get “okay” results.  Never the stellar projects I envisioned.  Perhaps the directions need clarification?  I post it here for your review and perusal.