School is well underway and I find myself feeling completely swamped and quickly losing touch with the mathtwitterblogosphere I was lucky enough to find during the summer months.  I’m not quite sure how to keep up with twitter, blogging, facebook, teaching, and taking 6 hours of my own classes.  Sadly, when something has to give, it has to be the place where I seem to find the most comfort and support.  I know I’m not alone…during the few moments I can find to check twitter and read blogs I hear everyone else feeling swamped and overwhelmed, whether class started a month ago or yesterday.

This is also the point in the school year when all the great plans I created over the summer start to run dry and students are no longer captivated by my charm and wit.  This is when I start to feel like a not-very-good teacher.  I’m not fishing for sympathy or anything…just using this space to vent and release.  I know its the “post honeymoon-still too hot outside-it needs to feel like fall” blahs, and they will pass…they always do.

I was also supposed to write something for the blogging initiative…I’m pretty sure this wasn’t one of the topics, but I’m going to pretend it counts and is close to Hemingway-esque.  Now, time to chow down on okra.  If you caught that, congrats for reading all the new blogs.