If you have been following, you are aware that I am implementing SBG in one section of algebra 2 so that I can compare the results of that class against a “traditionally graded” algebra 2 course.  This is the meat of my dissertation.  As part of the record keeping, this blog will most likely serve as a journal for the undoubtedly rocky road that lies before me.

It is 10:30 at night and I just created my first assessment.  It only took me an hour.  For a quiz.  Over 2 learning targets.  Goodness help me when there are more involved.  I certainly hope the process streamlines itself after I’ve done this a couple of times.

I think my biggest struggle tonight was structuring the quiz in such a way that the questions remained central to one standard, rather than encompassing both.  I don’t want to dissect Algebra in to such small pieces that my students can’t figure out what processes to use and how to put a series of processes and concepts together to solve a real problem, but I don’t want to clump several targets into one question, making it nearly impossible to locate the specific objective that might have tripped them up.

Oh, and trying to make sure I keep the questions appropriate for an honors level course.

I’m sorry for the ramble.  I hope that as this term progresses not only do my quizzes improve, but so does the manner with which I blog.  I’m too tired to even post the quiz for you to see…maybe tomorrow.