Inspired by @gwaddellnvhs, I’m committing my summer to-do list to “paper” with the hopes that by writing it down I might actually get part of it accomplished.  I always bite off more than I can chew but hopefully this will keep me on track.

Item #1: Finish that pesky dissertation.  THIS WILL GET DONE. Period. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.

Item #2:  Reading list:

  •    Embedded Formative Assessment by Dylan William (In progress. Thanks @druinok and @ pamjwilson for the twitter book chat).
  •     5 Practices for Orchestrating Productive Mathematical Discussions by Margaret S Smith
  •     Teach like a Champion (author to be posted later–it’s at school and I’m not)
  •     The new Dan Brown book (comes out tomorrow)

Item #3: Summer travel

  • Myrtle Beach with my awesome kiddo
  • 2 days of robotic PD (I think I get to build robots)
  • AP stats training at University of Louisville
  • Trip through Washington and Western Canada (for dissertation writing–uh huh).
  • Laying the Foundations training (pre-AP curriculum)
  • TMC13 (short for TwitterMathCamp) in Philadelphia with one of my closest friends.

Item #4: Improve/create effective Learning Targets for whatever classes end up in my schedule.

Item #5: Develop/create 2-3 formative assessment “events” for each learning target designed in Item #4. As I am learning in EFA (refer to reading list) formative assessment must be intention and with an outcome in mind. When done on the fly it loses much of its effectiveness.

Item #6: make all that stuff I’ve posted on Pinterest–some for home and some for my classroom.

Item #7: put together my niece and nephew’s wedding quilt top. If I don’t get it done by Labor Day it will be their 1st anniversary present.  If you two are reading this, it’s really item #2, preceded only by that silly dissertation.

I think that’s about it.  No wonder summer seems so short.