Well, I have successfully managed to not blog all summer. I really thought I would have been able to spend more time on it, but time just got away from me. I spent WAY too much time traveling this summer and simply didn’t make the time to write. Sad but true.

Update on the summer to-do list: all travels will be completed by this time Sunday. Only one trip remains, TMC13, and it is the trip I have genuinely looked forward to the most all summer long. I did get some of the books on the list read (Dan Brown’s was very good–even had a mathematical twist to it) but failed miserably on the pinterest list. Dissertation is only half done, which just makes me sick to my stomach.

I hope to be better at sharing my classroom activities this year. I slacked off badly and now am regretting it as I try to remember what worked well and what sucked.

To get back into the spirit of things, here is a Made4Math (just a bit late) that I’m planning to implement in my Algebra 2 classes this year.

I have seen numerous posters and posts from elementary grades teachers that give students “Today’s number” then have them do 8 or 10 things with it, like add 10, write in words, draw it, etc. I really like the idea of the repetition, but wasn’t sure how it might work in a high school classroom.

Then, I went to one of several summer PD sessions where we spent considerable time discussing the behavior of various functions and then it dawned on me…we’ll study a “Function of the Week”. Students will get the equation of a function, then determine all the good “stuff” about it: graph it, make a table, domain, range, intercepts, increasing and decreasing intervals, symmetry, etc.

Here’s the handout I’ll give students for their notebooks:

*Many, many thanks to @samjshah for helping me figure out how to embed this silly document.**

***Sorry you lost the fun fonts***

I think I’ll make a poster size version to laminate; then I can write on it with the students and leave it hanging for the entire week. I’d love to keep all 12 up, but I’m just not sure I have the wall space for it. I’m hoping that by the last half of the course I can give them different information, like the table of values or the graph, and have them determine the equation.

I’ll holler back at you in a few weeks to see how its going.