So, tomorrow marks the first day of school for students and while I still have a zillion things going through my head that I need to do, I chose to share my favorite part of my classroom instead.

I don’t have a color-coordinated room, or a themed room. My stuff doesn’t match. It’s whatever I could find on sale and have collected over the past 16 years. But it is organized and it is me. Maybe I’ll go for a theme next year.

BUT this year I did add one new feature. I did not come up with this. I saw it on Pinterest a couple of years ago and wrote it in a notebook. I don’t remember who posted it, so if it was you let me know and I’ll give proper credit.

This is probably my favorite part of my room.

2013-08-06 19.19.19

I love the message it sends to students, but I love it for another reason. Sometimes I have a bad day and I can forget to make students feel welcome, or loved, or important. Perhaps with this hanging in front of my face I will be reminded of why I chose this profession (which I still love) and that every student in my room deserves to be treated with respect and importance.

Okay. Now I have to get back to planning for tomorrow.