So, I’ve been blogging for a while (although *ahem* not consistently, as I’m sure you can tell) and participating on Twitter with some cool math folks who affectionately refer to themselves as the MathTwitterBlogOSphere, aka MTBoS. You can read all about them and their initiative here.

This post is supposed to address the following prompt:

  • What is one thing that happens in your classroom that makes it distinctly yours? It can be something you do that is unique in your school… It can be something more amorphous… However you want to interpret the question! Whatever!

Knowing me, I’ll end up on the “whatever” end of things, but here goes.

Uniquely my classroom: Wow. That’s a hard one to nail down. I’m uniquely me, and I try to bring that to my classroom. It’s like a package deal. I’m corny, geeky, and usually slighty nuts and I think that’s what my classroom looks like on most days. I tell my students on the first day of the class that they “don’t know it yet, but they just walked into their favorite class of the day.” So, they don’t all feel that way by the end, but a majority of them do. Or, at least, they don’t hate it.

As far as MTBoS goes, almost everything I do is stolen borrowed and revised, so y’all won’t find it unique, but to my school, I think I’m pretty radical. I do my version of Interactive Notebooks with my Algebra 2 kiddos and use Standards Based Grading with them. My learning targets drive the classroom, the notebooks, and the assessments so I like to think I’m pretty aligned.

I guess the ONE thing that I do that is truly unique is the opening week interaction between me and each student. You can read in more detail here but basically it is just a simple (albeit slightly time consuming method) whereby I can build rapport and know my students better. I didn’t think it was all that radical, but after posting it on this blog and hearing other people talk about how they used it, I’ve decided it must be rather unique.

And there’s the baby dice. Funny how easily amused high school students can be.

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