Mid July = time to get “serious” about planning for next year. Up until this time, I browse the Google, favorite tons of tweets, and e-mail myself tons of ideas that might be worth considering. Now is when I attempt to get real about reading everything closely and determining if it is a good fit for me and my students. 

I’m having a difficult time getting into that this summer. I’m not sure why, but for whatever reason I can find numerous other activities that I’d rather do. 


Nonetheless, here is my brain dump to-do list:

1. Finalize algebra 2 learning targets

2. Revise SBG format

3. Make a new bulletin board

4. Print and bind a teacher planner

5. Find a “killer” first day(s) motivator for Algebra 2 students


This certainly isn’t everything I want/need to do, but I’m hoping that putting a list to “paper” will give me focus so that the remaining part of my vacation is restful but also productive.

Hope your vacation is time well-spent for you!